Integrity USA

Start a New Chapter

God bless you as you begin forming an Integrity chapter!
Here are some guidelines to help you.


  1. Join Integrity. Chapters of Integrity are formed by members of Integrity and are chartered in recognition of the collective ministry those members choose to pursue in furtherance of the goals of Integrity, to which they subscribe. Although ten members will be needed to certify the chapter, don't wait to get any other members--let alone ten--before you join. This is probably the most frequent error people make in forming chapters.
  2. Contact your provincial coordinator and the national office. Use your provincial coordinator as a frequent advisor. Feel free to call her/him often and ask lots of questions. If s/he doesn't know an answer, request s/he find out and get back to you. Chapter development is his/her primary responsibility. Vice Presidents have funds available in their Regional treasuries to help chapters-in-formation. Be sure to ask!
  3. Find other persons who are members or are interested in joining Integrity. The more, the better. Get your group together and go over the purposes and objectives of Integrity, so everyone understands and is committed to the organization. Discuss the kinds of things you would want to accomplish as a chapter. Ask them to join Integrity. Send in their memberships as you receive them; don't wait until you have ten.
  4. Establish an address. Integrity requires that chapters have either a post office box or a church or other institutional address. Home addresses are not acceptable as they change so frequently.
  5. Fill out the "Request for Chapter in-Formation Status" form. Your provincial coordinator can grant you permission to form a chapter-in-formation and the right to use the name "Integrity."
  6. Ask people to become members of Integrity.  Contact your provincial coordinator or the national office to order membership brochures. Click here to download a membership brochure that you can use while you are waiting for the brochures to arrive.
  7. Secure a regular place and time for meeting. Corporate worship, e.g., the Eucharist or Evening Prayer, should be part of each meeting. An Episcopal parish or other Episcopal institution is best. Members' homes are often good for social occasions, but some persons, especially newcomers, feel uncomfortable in intimate surroundings and prefer the more impersonal aspects of a church or institution for regular meetings. Send in the memberships quickly; never hold on to one for more than a month.
  8. Review with the members and potential members the tasks that need to be done. Some of them are:
    • Keeping financial records.
    • Maintaining an up-to-date membership list and mailing list. (Not necessarily the same.)
    • Developing membership.
    • Publicizing your existence and activities.
    • Coordinating and arranging for the Eucharist or other worship that is part of your regular meeting. This task includes securing the celebrant and/or preacher.
    • Setting up programs and/or activities as they are desired. Utilize speakers from among community organizations, mental health programs, AIDS care givers, and churches.
    • Planning and carrying out social events just to have fun together.
    • Writing the chapter bylaws. Click here for model bylaws.
    • Designing a chapter logo and/or banner. (Optional, but fun.)
  9. Secure volunteers or make appointments. Note: If there is no interest in helping, that is a clear message to consider. No chapter succeeds as a one-person show.