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Integrity USA is involved in national and international advocacy issues that affect LGBT Christians, especially within the Episcopal and Anglican churches.  See below for ways that you can join our advocacy work.

Ugandan LGBT People Need Our Support

Uganda-hang-the-homosUgandan Parliamentary leaders are once again calling for the passage of a bill that calls for death or imprisonment (depending on the version of the bill) for all LGBT persons, and even for those that speak in support of LGBT persons.

Ugandan Christians have been longstanding partners with Integrity USA, and Integrity has been a supporter of Bishop Christopher Senyonjo - a straight, retired Anglican bishop who has stood bravely for LGBT rights.

Now it's our time to support our Ugandan friends and allies again - we need to lift our voices in opposition to this bill, drawing attention to the great harm that it would create.  Christians in the USA have a particular influence by speaking to fellow Christian leaders (particularly Anglicans) in Uganda, who have personal relationships with Ugandan policymakers.

Several petitions are currently circulating, and Integrity urges you to consider signing one or more of them:

Read more and keep up to date on GLAAD's website.  And join us in prayer for all who are being affected by this proposal even now.