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Jobs with Integrity USA

Below is a list of staff and volunteer positions currently available with Integrity.  To apply, please e-mail your cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , unless instructed otherwise in the posted job notice.  In the SUBJECT line, indicate for which job you are applying.  In the BODY and/or attachments, summarize your qualifications.

Position Brief Description Full Description Deadline for Application
Executive Director The Executive Director serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Integrity, and works closely with and reporting to the President of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director serves as the chief spokesperson for the organization as well as directs and administers all funding initiatives, programs, operations and policies in addition to supervising a professional staff. He/She is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. icon click
May 24, 2013
Development Consultant
The purpose of this RFP is to retain a fundraising consultant who will assist Integrity with the following work: (1) assess the organization's current fundraising programs, (2) develop a comprehensive fundraising plan, (3) recommend a course of action to meet fundraising objectives and, (4) perform the fundraising duties for the organization. Consultants will be expected to possess a full range of professional services to support the development of a fundraising plan and strategy and to assist staff in building capacity to implement the plan. icon click
May 31, 2013